Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2017 Spring Semester Co-ops and Clubs

Here is our info for our new Co-ops, Clubs, and Calendar for Winter/Spring 2017

Our new Co-op will be a Drop-off, parents are always welcome to stay but know that you don't have to!  We will be teaching enrichment classes such as art, music, dance/fitness, along with some structured play time using STEM activities such as Legos, K'nex and Hot Wheels Physics.  There may also be some hands-on Science Experiments thrown in from time to time.  This will be a weekly activity, every Wednesday for 6 week blocks, from 9am - 12pm.

Following Co-op the first 2 sessions we will have a 10 week Geography Club.  Students will be introduced to different Countries within each Continent and learn facts including history, culture, flags, and more.  Students will build and complete a Lapbook during this Club and finish off with our first Annual Geography Fair after the last meeting!

We will also be having a Friday Fun Co-op meeting from 1pm-3pm on Fridays.  Younger students, from 4-12, can come join in on STEAM fun, book/movie reviews, and Game Time.
During this same time frame our Teen Squad will meetup for fun and games, and also to plan and participate in some local service projects.  The teens may choose to meet outside of the bookstore such as at the Movies or a local Bowling Alley also.

Our Calendars also show the other dates for parties and more fun things coming up like the Geography and Science Fairs!  Look for those in March and April along with an Egg Drop Challenge near Easter!